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Welcome to Notts Scouts Adult Training

Welcome to Notts Scouts Adult Training! 

I hope you are all keeping well during the current COVID 19 pandemic 

Scouting is alive and well in Nottinghamshire but as we once again face tighter restrictionshow we do Scouting has once again changed. Over the coming months there are likely to be changes with a mixture of virtual and face to face Scouting either indoors or outdoors, the training team is here to support you.  

Over the last few months there have been a number of changes to the training scheme.  

Getting started has changed for all adults in Scouting, there are 4 modules that must be completed online within 5 months of your role being approved on compass plus specific modules for role. 

All adults (except occasional helpers) 

  • Essential Information (Module 1) 
  • Safety  
  • Safeguarding 
  • GDPR 

All these are completed online and are validated as part of the training  

Role specific modules :- 

  • Executive members – Trustee Introduction to be completed online 
  • For Section leaders, Assistant Section Leaders and Sectional Assistants to be completed with your training adviser 
    • Module 2 –Personal Learning Plan 
    • Module 3 – Tools for the role. 

Mandatory Ongoing Learning This now applies to all Adult Roles including Section and assistant section leaders, Executive members, Sectional assistantsManagers and Supporters  

All adult roles must have up to date Safety and Safeguarding Training as well as GDPR 

Safety and Safeguarding now have to be completed every 3 years. For adults where you completed the previous training with in the last 5 years your renewal date has been changed to reflect the change in POR on Compass 

For First Response the criteria has changed, First response certificates are still valid for 3 years 

The way you complete your certificate has changed with a theory session of approximately 4 hours and a 2 hour practical session. The 4 hour practical session can be completed in one of 3 ways 

  • A series of online theory sessions  ( for booking on please contact ) 
  • 2 Virtual training sessions ( currently not available in Nottinghamshire but will be available in 2021 ) 
  • Face to face theory session these will not be available until we are fully back to face to face Scouting ) 

Sessions of the 2 hour practical session will be available across the County when we are able to do so. 

What Training can you do whilst we are not face to face Scouting ? 

  1. As a section leader or assistant section leader some modules towards your woodbadge can be completed online or via a workbook that is available online. 
  2. If you are a new adult you can complete Getting started modules – Essential Information, Safety, Safeguarding, GDPR all completed online Plus the role specific modules.  
  3. As a manager or supporter you can continue to complete the independent learning modules 
  4. If you have completed all or parts of your learning you can validate what you have done with your TA or DLTM. 

Links to all the training and validation guidance can be found on the training pages or leader’s training guide and useful documents pages of this website. 

Training Advisers across the county are doing a fantastic job providing alternatives to face to face validation so please contact them to help you achieve your wood badge. 

I am looking forward to seeing more wood badges completed and that all leaders when we return to face to face scouting are all fully compliant for Safeguarding, Safety and GDPR mandatory elements of the training scheme. 

Stay Safe,

Christine Sheard, County Training Manager

How the Adult training scheme works The Scouting Adult training scheme is made up of 38 modules that cover the development areas required to be a leader in Scouting. It is a national scheme so any training completed is recognised across the country. There are 2 main parts to each of these modules: Learning and Validation.


Learning provides the opportunity to gain or improve the knowledge and skills you need to be a leader and be successful in your role. The methods used for learning vary and you can pick how you want to complete the learning to fit with your individual learning style and the knowledge you may already have. In Nottinghamshire we aim to make learning fun, informative and to meet the individuals’ needs The following learning methods are available Training Courses

Induction Training: For new leaders and covers Modules 5-9, 11-19
Skills for Life 2 – Getting Going Training: Why we do Scouting and skills required to be a leader (Modules 5-9, 11, 14 and 15)
Skills for Life 3 – Getting On Training: Planning and delivering programmes for your section (Modules 12, 13, 16-19)
Planning and Running a Residential Experience (Modules 16, 18 and 38)
First Aid (Module 10)

Courses are also available or can be completed online for ongoing mandatory training for Running Safe Activities and Safeguarding.


Getting Started ModulesModule 1, Module 3 and GDPR Section Leader TrainingModule 5 and Module 12a Manager and Supporter Training: Independent Learning, Ongoing Mandatory Training: Safety & Safeguarding

Work books

Section Leader Training: Module 7, Module 11, Module 13, Module 14, Module 15 and Module 17 Manager and Supporter Training: Independent Learning

One to one or small group sessions – Run locally in districts to meet individual needs

This is the process of demonstrating to your Training Adviser (TA) that you can meet the objectives of the module. This can be done through a variety of methods from your TA observing you in your Scouting role, providing evidence such as a witness testimony, or discussing with your TA. Evidence should be something you do as part of your role in Scouting and should not generate any extra work. You will find useful validation documents on our Resources page.

What happens next ? Once you have successfully completed all the relevant learning and validation you will be awarded your wood badge for your role. As this is a national scheme these are recognised across the country.

Ongoing Mandatory Learning All leaders need to keep the following up to date to ensure we keep the young people safe and know what to do in case of an incident.
        First Aid: minimum first response, renewal every 3 years
        Safety: renewal every 3 years
        Safeguarding: renewal every 3 years