Module 4 – Tools for the role (Managers and Supporters)


To provide the basic information on the individual’s job, areas of responsibility and some practical help to get the individual started in their role.

Topics that this module covers are:

  • Principle duties of the role
  • Roles and duties of the people they support
  • Needs of adults
  • Main features of the sections
  • Policy and guidance mechanisms
  • Further help and support

Delivery Methods

  • Small group
  • One to One
  • e-Learning

To validate this module the learner will need to:

Discuss their understanding of the role including principle duties, functions and responsibilities of their role with a training adviser.

And complete two of the following:

  1. Create a list of those they manage or support, describing their principle duties, functions and responsibilities and their role in providing personal support and training. (OCN Unit C 1.2)
  2. Outline the main features of each section including the age range, theme, groupings of young people and the decision making and programmer planning processes. (OCN Unit C 1.1)
  3. Add to their role description to describe the things they actually do. (OCN Unit C 1.1)
  4. List their top five priorities and develop a plan to put them into action.
  5. Explain the function of The Scout Association’s policy and guidance mechanisms and how to access information contained in POR, fact sheets and HQ to an adult new to Scouting whom they manage or support. (OCN Unit C 3.1 and 3.2)
  6. Any other ideas, subject to agreement with a Training Adviser.

Open College Network

This module forms the whole of the OCN unit Tools for the Job (Managers).